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Clent Breedlove and M. F. Dagley operated separate Civilian Pilot Training Programs (CPTP or CPT programs) in Lubbock, Texas, USA.  Clent Breedlove started his CPTP in the fall semester of 1939 working in conjunction with Texas Technological College (now Texas Tech University).  M. F. Dagley started his CPTP in the spring of 1940.  Clent Breedlove later took over Dagley's operation when Dagley left for Corpus Christi Naval Air Station, TX in April, 1943. 

Clent Breedlove later trained about 3,750 USAAF Pre-Flight cadets at Dagley Field and Breedlove Airport (formerly known as Commercial Airport) from March, 1943 to June, 1944.  Breedlove Airport also served as Lubbock's ad hoc commercial airport during the war years since South Plains Army Air Field (SPAAF) was located at Lubbock Municipal Airport in June of 1942.  Breedlove Airport also served as a major supply shop for aircraft parts, shipping parts all over the United States.

This website is dedicated to the training of CPTP and Pre-Flight cadets at Breedlove Airport and Dagley field during WWII.  If you were in the CPTP or a Pre-Flights program from 1939-1945, please contact John McCullough below.  The CPTP / Texas Tech Pre-Flights program is the topic for John McCullough's master's thesis in history at Texas Tech.

On June 6, 2013, the Texas Historical Commission in Austin, Texas marked Breedlove Airport with a THC marker.  The dedication ceremony took place at Silent Wings Museum in Lubbock.  William McWhorter of the THC Military Sites program, was in Lubbock for the dedication ceremony.

Articles about Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field in the news:

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The BREEDLOVE CPTP REUNION DINNER was a very big success.  It was held on Saturday, September 11, 2010 at the Merket Alumni Center on the Texas Tech Campus.  The reception displaying the scale models of Breedlove Airport and Dagley Field went very well.  The dinner was wonderful and my presentation received numerous compliments.  I will be mailing thank you cards to everyone who attended in about two weeks.  The thank you cards will also contain information about ordering a CD or DVD of photos from the event.  Professional photographer Michael Carpenter of Lubbock was hired to photograph the entire night's events.

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The Breedlove Aerial Services CPTP pilot instructors with CPTP cadet pilots sometime between November, 1942 and January, 1943.  Harold Humphries is the tenth man from left standing on back row in light-colored uniform with hands behind his back.  Also in the photo is Tom Moore of Lockney, TX.  Moore is crouching on first row in light-colored uniform with white scarf and is the seventh man from the right.  Charles B. Akey is in a light-colored civilian jacket and is the first man on the right, standing on the back row.  All three man, Humphries, Akey, and Moore were pilot instructors in the CPTP (or CPT) at Breedlove Airport.  Photo courtesy Southwest Collections / Special Collections Library, Texas Tech University, Lubbock, TX.  Photo was taken by Winston Reeves, long-time Lubbock photographer and part-time pilot instructor in the CPTP.

The BREEDLOVE CPTP RESEARCH PROJECT:  Researching, Restoring, and Preserving

Lubbock’s and the Southwest’s Great Aviation History and Heritage.



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